About Us

Doripac Distribution LTD is a leading marketing company for packages and packaging materials.

For three decades, our vision is that service, availability and
quality are above all.

We are HERE for you!
We’ll escort you, support you and look for solutions
for your needs.

We believe that the ultimate service for our customers is from available stock
TIME, which allows the ultimate flexibility.

Doripac supports Sustainability.
Our environment is important to us.
Thus, the packaging materials we offer are recyclable.

We have wide variety of packaging materials for wide
range of sectors, such as, Meat factories,
slaughter houses, fruits vegetables and
agricultural products, packaging facilities, deli,
butcher shops, nuts, dried fruits,
catering and institutionals.

Our packaging materials are complying to the
market requirements, in both marketing aspect and
regulation, The packaging materials meet the
Israeli, EU and US standards.

Our specialty is to closely and professionally support
you with creativity.
Our logistic center which is located
in the Caesarea industrial park, allows fast and
reliable distribution to the customers
all over the country.

Doripac is dynamic and experienced company – your request will be responded rapidly in a personal manner for your satisfaction.

You are invited to browse our variety of products